「千人洗衣街」算是除了泰姬陵外,大家印象最深的地方了吧。这个所谓的贫民窟,源自于电影《贫民窟的百万富翁》的描写。它其实属于印度“小上海”孟买的“千人洗衣场”——Dohobi Ghat。

    "Thousands of People\\s Laundry Street" is the place where everyone is most impressed except for the Taj Mahal. This so-called slum is derived from the description of the movie "The Millionaire of the Slums." It actually belongs to Dohobi Ghat, in Mumbai, India.




    Dohobi Ghat位于地铁站旁,可以游览完维多利亚火车站后直接乘坐地铁到达,时间约40分钟。游客进入洗衣场需要由“街坊”带路,当然要给入场费,约20人民币。洗衣场以两三百个方形洗衣池作为中心,洗衣池两旁是各种作坊。每个作坊两到三层,顶层用于晾晒,中层用于生活和打包,楼下是洗涤烘干。

    Dohobi Ghat is located next to the subway station and can be reached by metro directly after the Victoria Railway Station. The time is approximately 40 minutes. Visitors entering the laundry area need to be led by the local people, of course, to give an entrance fee of about 20 RMB. The laundry area is centered on two or three hundred square laundry pools, and various workshops are on both sides of the laundry pool. Each workshop has two to three floors, the top floor is used for drying, the middle floor is used for living and packing, and the lower floor is for washing and drying.





    In 2015, when I first time to India, for curiosity, I took photos on the bridge. But for security reasons, I didn\\t walk in. In April 2018, my third tour to India, I decided to retrieve someone who had appeared in my shot. This is a washing scene taken in 2015 on a flyover outside the laundry. I decided to go to find him.


























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